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Service List Information

Service List

Fresh Provision and Dry Store

Fresh Vegetable

Fresh Eggs

Fresh Fruits

Fresh and Frozen Sea Fish

Fresh and Frozen Meat

Fresh and Frozen Chicken

Mineral Water and Drinking Item

Frozen Ice-Cream

Frozen Cheese and Sausage

Coffee Mate, Tea, Oil, Liquid / Powder Milk

Bonded Store

Medicine Store

Saloon Store

Safety Store

Bunker (MGO, IFO) and Lube Oil Supply


Decks Store

Engine Store

Electric Store

Welding Equipment

BA Chart and Publications

Computer Accessories

Safety Cable Assembly Products

Stationary Store

Mooring Rope

Crane Wire

Anchor and Chain (Recover)

Lashing Equipments

Thimble Manufacture

Stainless Steel Turnbuckles

Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chains

Wire Rope Grip and Clip

Oxygen and Acetylene Refilling and Supply